Monday, October 7, 2013

I am officially HUNGRY!

It's been a week...and I'm finally hungry! I think it's safe to say that I literally wanted to eat everything yesterday. And even this morning on my way to school, I heard a snippet of tejano music and immediately desired and even smelled chips, salsa, and queso. Can you even really smell chips? I was never aware that they had a smell until I supposedly smelled them this morning! Anyway...

I have successfully completed my first week of no grains and no beer. 

Last night I went to a work party celebrating our one year anniversary of being open. When I got the invite to the party, I knew that free beer was imminent. I had to stay strong. And I did. However, I did fall into the hands of my rebound: wine. There was a moment when I was pouring someone a beer (offering a friendly hand...and maybe because I wanted to be close to my long lost love) and as it was pouring beautifully out of the tap, everything went into slow a movie. I've never seen beer look so pretty in a solo cup. 

After the work party, we all ended up at the nearest dive bar. I think it's safe to say that I was the only person in there sipping from a stemmed glass. I am never that girl. Though it may have looked like defeat in that smokey dive bar, NOT drinking beer was a triumph. Normally I might scoff at anyone who orders wine or champagne where it's common knowledge that beer and your basic cocktails are the only items listed on the menu (wait, I don't even think they have a menu...hypothetically speaking then), I was able to get past my notion that I was one of  "those people" and sip out of my stemware happily.

*"those people": Anyone who is not following the unsaid but well known rules in an atmosphere where locals often hang out. Easy to spot in a crowd. Typically doing/saying the opposite of what is socially acceptable in said environment. 

Work Party After Party at local dive bar 

Continuing in the journey. More to come...

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