Saturday, November 2, 2013

Now for the hard part....

So...I survived the "easy" part of the diet. You know, the whole no beer, no sugar, no grains, no dairy, no legumes part of the diet. I started the hard part yesterday. The juicing and smoothie ONLY part of the diet. (Not only can I not have beer, I cannot have alcohol of any kind. Yikes. For a gal my age, with the friends I have, and the job I have, 7 days without alcohol is a lot harder than you would expect.)

Day 1 began yesterday; it was fine. I was hungry, but I had 3 smoothies and some creamed spinach/broccoli so I was satisfied ENOUGH. But this is obviously not about satisfaction. This is about denying myself things that I want and learning to have self control. I like to see what I can do. How strong I can be. The end result will be well worth it. I am typically seen as a well balanced, controlled person. However, it never hurts to challenge myself further and succeed. It's empowering. This whole experience has been empowering and has renewed my passion for health and nutrition.

Day 2: I juiced carrots, chard, apples, spinach, kale, and ginger this morning.

Story Time:

I remember I first became interested in health around the age of 11 or 12. My mom got on the whole "no fat/low fat" diet fad and I suddenly became aware of everything I ate. Some would say that is not a good thing for a little girl in her tweens. I disagree. I did not become obsessed with weight. I became intrigued by food, and it's effect on how people feel and look. (Not enough people are aware or even interested in what they put into their bodies...the vessels that will carry them throughout their life.) Thus began my journey into studying and researching all that I could about food. Throughout high school I would bring tuna, salads, and sunflower seeds for lunch and my classmates would be having pizza and chicken express. I also carried around a gallon of water. I got made fun of in the nicest of ways. Thankfully I went to a small private school where being weird was actually the popular thing to do. Long story short, after many years of researching and loving health/nutrition I found myself studying Kinesiology in college which is where I still am, and still pursuing knowledge where health/nutrition are concerned. There is an endless amount to be learned and it's not what your high school health books taught you. Have you heard of old news? Well, everything in those health books is old news. :)

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