Friday, November 15, 2013

Officially Finished

Sorry. I didn't keep you all updated during the juice detox part of the diet. I completed it without cheats.

The entire diet lasted from Oct 1st- Nov 8.

I'M DONE! (with the 40 day diet)

I learned a lot about myself. I have a lot of will power...A lot of self control that I haven't given myself a chance to realize because I haven't tried to deny myself things for extended periods of time like this diet did.

I am still sticking with a mellow version of the Paleo diet. Some call it Primal. I indulge when the time is right.

The other day I enjoyed St. Arnold's pumpkinator. It was delicious.

As far as this blog goes, I can't decide which direction to take it. Diary of a Beer Snob can be deceiving because you think "oh, this girl is going to teach us new things about new beer and show pretty pictures of tap handles," but in reality it's been more of a blog about my journey into becoming healthy...and that is my true passion. Don't get me wrong, I love beer. I also love cooking healthy food, learning about nutrition, exercise, and all other forms of holistic approaches to becoming the best person you can become.

I will be brainstorming on what to do with this here "Diary of a Beer Snob" blog. If you'd like, follow me on instagram: cleeper1 #diaryofabeersnob 

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